How to Play Billiards

Learn All the Rules for Different Games of Billiards

Billiards is a game of great precision and is likely frustrating for the beginner. Fortunately, the game takes more patience and concentration than athletic skill. Once the player is focused upon making his or her shots and improving with each game, greater skill is sure to follow with more playing time.

Watching the professionals play on television might lead you to despair if your billiards game is not so hot. Beginners should not start by attempting the most difficult shots. Concentrate on sinking the straight ahead, simple shots first. Find a grip that is comfortable for you, and focus on learning the basics; there is no magical technique.

As you move into attempting angled and bank shots, always line up your shot. Take the cue stick and lay it over top of the targeted ball, pointing at the hole at which you are aiming. Try and hit the target ball with the cue at that angle. Always remember your basics and stay patient; you are sure to improve with each game of billiards you play!